Mark of the Grizzly, 2nd - Scott McMillion

Mark of the Grizzly, 2nd

By Scott McMillion

  • Release Date: 2013-08-26
  • Genre: Nature
Score: 4.5
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Every year, millions of people travel to grizzly country, hoping for a glimpse of the Great Bear. And every year, somebody is attacked. The power of the grizzly is almost mythical and has become the stuff of legend.Mark of the Grizzly relies on neither myth nor legend. Rather, it relies on the true accounts of dozens of attacks, from Yellowstone National Park to Alaska, from 1977 to 2010. Author Scott McMillion examines each attack and its aftermath, interviewing victims, survivors, and investigators. Hikers, photographers, hunters, scientists, and others tell their stories here, offering what they have learned and the lessons that others should know.Neither mysteries nor tales of horror, these stories create a world of wonder, respect, and fear that make for a book you’ll find hard to put down. In the thirteen years since Mark of the Grizzly first appeared, DNA science has revolutionized how people study bears and how they investigate attacks. Growing populations of grizzlies and people have led to more bear/human encounters—some fatal—and grizzlies now wander parts of the West where they hadn’t been seen for decades. This new edition includes a thorough update of existing material and new or expanded chapters that cover: The recent attacks around Yellowstone National Park and Anchorage, Alaska, which have generated national headlines.The increased popularity of mountain biking and trail running in grizzly country. Are such sports advisable there?Bear populations expanding into the prairies of Montana and Wyoming, far from the expected mountain locales.“Bear Men.” People who get too close to bears, and sometimes die in their jaws. The book includes a profile of Timothy Treadwell, subject of the movie Grizzly Man.The continuing phenomenon of “dinner bell” grizzlies.